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Prevent mosquitoes and insects from invading your interiors! A1 Screen is one of the top Magnetic Mosquito Net Suppliers Malaysia company that offers the best line of mosquito netting and insect screens for homes and business spaces!

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Customised insect screening solutions
  • Affordable screens and netting
  • Can fit in any door and window types
  • Easy to install and remove

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Pests can be hard to control, especially in open spaces as it is their habitat. But when it comes to your home, you can do your best to keep them from pestering your space. Contact one of the trusted Magnetic Mosquito Net Suppliers in Cyberjaya for your insect netting needs. 

A1 Screen is a leading screen provider in Malaysia that offers the best range of high-quality insect netting products at the best prices. Our aim is to provide households and business spaces with the necessary equipment to screen harmful insects like mosquitoes. We have a wide selection of mosquito nets – from magnetic sliding insect screens, aluminium mosquito netting for windows, mosquito netting for doors, magnetic mosquito netting for windows, aluminium mosquito netting for doors, etc.

Leading Magnetic Mosquito Net Suppliers in Cyberjaya

Pests always find their way into homes and spaces without the owners knowing. And since they are hard to notice, they can wreak havoc in spaces without much of a sign. And before you know it, they are everywhere inside your home. Mosquito netting can greatly reduce the chances of them getting inside your interiors.

We offer customised and top-of-the-line mosquito nets made from different types of mesh like fiberglass, aluminium, polyester, and stainless steel. The fine mesh is weaved to form a secure screen that can effectively block even the smallest insects. These screens are low-maintenance, detachable, and washable.

Cost-efficient Insect Screen Products in Malaysia

Here at A1 Screen, we make sure that our clients have the best products and solutions to help manage mosquito breakouts in their homes. Our products are made to provide the necessary screening solution they need to control unwanted pests from entering their interior vicinity. Our mosquito nettings are not only effective but also add value to their properties.

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